The Administration section contains several sections dedicated to configuring the basic rules of your CardioLog system, and how your colleagues may access and edit different aspects of your CardioLog system.

  • Blacklist - Create a list of rules for data that will not be collected in order to avoid including irrelevant information in your Reports and Analysis.
  • CardioLog Scheduling Service - The CardioLog Scheduling Service allows you to maintain accuracy by keeping your site data, user directory, reports, analysis. logs, and more updated regularly.
  • IIS Logs Import - Import IIS logs into CardioLog Analytics to gather your site tracking data prior to setting up CardioLog.
  • Product License - View the features of your licensed product components and install new licenses.
  • Roles - Assign roles to users and groups within CardioLog Analytics and limit permissions selectively.
  • System Configuration - Connect and configure CardioLog Analytics with various aspects of your website including file trees, user databases, Yammer or Sitrion social environments, report data caching, and more.
  • System Diagnostics - Use system diagnostics to view and confirm the status of your scheduling service components.
  • URL Mappings - Establish rules for how modified URL addresses are stored after they are collected by the tracking agent.


Administration Main Window
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