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This widget displays a gauge chart the describes a ratio of pages that were the last viewed during a visit session compared to all page views. This is a slightly different way of describing Exit Rate in whole numbers.

This is the percentage of all page views that were the last in a visit session. 

This is the average length of a visit session in minutes, from the first page load until the user exits your site.

This bar graph compares the total number of page exits across all of your portals or sub-sites.

This column graph displays the most common pages that users view last in a visit. 

This line chart displays the total number of page views, over the currently selected time range.

This line chart displays the total number of times a user stopped browsing your site, and either navigated elsewhere or closed the window.

Use this filter to navigate through your portal and simply check the box next to any page or level to review information for exclusively that selection. 

Use the date slider to quickly change the start or end date that you would like review information for. If you'd like to choose a specific date, click either the start or end date and manually select it using the calendar popup.

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