CardioLog Analytics offers many reports and widgets designed for Yammer Networks integrated into SharePoint portals. You can use these tools to help analyse social adoption, collaboration, productivity and engagement levels in your networks.

The following Yammer reports are available for CardioLog Analytics:

User Reports

  • Influential Users and Followers - Find out who has the largest audience in Yammer, and who is following them.
  • Praised Users and Praisers - Identify the users that receive the most praise for their contributions, along with who's praising them.
  • Top Praisers -  Identify who's giving the praise to specific Yammer users.
  • User Adoption - Track user and group active participation over time.
  • Total Users - Keep track of all Yammer users, whether they're active or inactive.
  • Active Users - Determine how many users participate and contribute content in your Yammer network.
  • User Activity - Identify the most active users in your Yammer network based on the number of posts, replies, likes, shares, and attachments they contribute.
  • Inactive Users - Determine how many users in your Yammer network have not interacted with their peers or posted content.

Group Reports

  • Total Private Groups - Keep track of the total number of private groups that have been created and exist in any time period.
  • Total Public Groups - Keep track of the total number of public groups that have been created and exist in any time period.
  • Top Groups - Identify the most popular groups, based on the number of members within each group.
  • Active Groups - Identify the groups with active members for a specific time period.
  • Group Activity - identify the most active groups based on the amount of of posts, replies, likes, shares, and attachments contributed by users within a group.
  • Inactive Groups - Find out which groups have been created but whose members are not posting or interacting with other users.

Content Reports

  • Posts - Identify the total number of public posts within your Yammer platform.
  • Likes - Display the total number of likes users in your Yammer platform have added.
  • Influential Content - Find the content that is most frequently followed and shared, based on the number of followers and shares each item has acquired.
  • Content Contributions - Display the total number of attachments uploaded by users in your Yammer network. Attachments can be any kind of document or media file.

Note - Performing detailed analysis of the Yammer network activity requires configuration. For more information see "Yammer Integration".


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