This report shows the phrases that visitors used on external search engines to find your website. You can drill down on any item to access more information. 


Search Phrases (Organic) Table Widget

Available Report Widgets


Table Widget

The Search Phrases (Organic) table widget contains the following columns:

  • Search Phrase - The word or phrase that was entered into the external search engine.
  • Visits - The total number of visits that followed the listed search phrase during the selected time period.
  • Users - The total number of visitors who used the listed phrase to find your site during the selected time period.
  • Visit Duration - The average length of time spent on your site by visitors who arrived from the listed source.
  • Bounce Rate - The percentage of times visitors viewed only one page of your site once they arrived from the listed source

The drill down menu includes two items for further information:

  • Search Destination Pages - Details only the links that users clicked on from the search results returned for the selected term
  • Searched By - Provides a list of users who searched for the selected term
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